<aside> ❤️ Mission**:** To build trust in online shopping. The next decade will be all about finding a method to the madness. We want to be the ones who champion this change, not just for India, but also for the world. The single biggest factor that will differentiate what you buy from what you don't is trust.


                                                                    **[Our thesis](<https://sosh.notion.site/Join-Sosh-f5f103efe54945df80b445e8e801115d>)**  ·  **[Quick Anecdote](<https://sosh.notion.site/Join-Sosh-f5f103efe54945df80b445e8e801115d>)**  ·  **[Hiring Philosophy](<https://sosh.notion.site/Join-Sosh-f5f103efe54945df80b445e8e801115d>)**  ·  **[Open Roles](<https://sosh.notion.site/Join-Sosh-f5f103efe54945df80b445e8e801115d>)**  ·  **[Life at Sosh](<https://sosh.notion.site/Join-Sosh-f5f103efe54945df80b445e8e801115d>)  ·  [Our Values](<https://sosh.notion.site/Join-Sosh-f5f103efe54945df80b445e8e801115d>)**


“We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?”

Our Thesis

Over the past decade, the online shopping landscape in India has undergone a significant transformation, from the early days of Flipkart and Amazon to the booming direct-to-consumer (DTC) trend witnessed on platforms like Shark Tank India in 2021. The shift from an economy of scarcity to an economy of abundance brought an overwhelming array of products and choices, leading to a discovery dilemma and soaring costs, triggering the CAC crisis and aggressive deep-discounting. Amidst this fast-paced online commerce gallop and influence from the West, the discerning "affluent Indian" faces a critical juncture of decision paralysis.

Enter Sosh - we are not merely addressing superficial product features or hopping on the latest micro-trends. Our vision is to revolutionise the very essence of online shopping. Our first iteration of the product focuses on two key pillars: discoverability and trust, leveraging the power of reviews. But we're not stopping there. Our ultimate goal is to create a shopping experience that is driven by a thriving community at its core, gradually weaving in layers of collaborative engagement.


Quick Anecdote

We take more semblance to what Spotify did in 2003 to the music industry. The music industry was shifting from scarcity to abundance. And all that there was, were ad-filled downloading websites in majors like Piratebay. And then entered Spotify: to change the way we STREAM MUSIC and not download it. The lack of an alternative often leads people to flock to what's already working. But once there is a better and efficient way (Eg: Spotify, Uber, Airbnb, Notion), it compoundingly grows on people.

<aside> ❤️ We are not going to achieve this in a year or two with Sosh. It's a much larger, long-term shift in mindset that we're taking on. And unless the challenge is as big, it personally doesn't excite us.


Hiring Philosophy

We’re creating our early team at Sosh. Everything that needs to be figured out, should be figured out now. Here’s a checklist for you to buy into the ideology at Sosh: